New Member Monday - For the Love of the Game

Got a good crop of new members for you on this fine Monday.  Breath deep their heady musk:

Rollin' 2d6 Deep
Keywords: 40k, Gaming, Hobbying, Analysis, Fiction

The Ruthin Wargamer
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Eldar, Battle reports, reviews

Children of the Warp
Keywords: Daemons, Chaos, 40k, WHFB, Xenos, Tactica

DZC Contest Update
A winner has been selected and contacted.  However, that lucky person has not written back with a shipping address.  We said we'd give the winner a week, so in 3 days we'll redraw.  Just wanted to let you all know that we hadn't forgot.

Thought for the Day:
The other day, Jody of Frontline Gamer and I were having a chat/argument about Romeo Filip, the C&D Blood of Kittens got and whether or not and to what degree Romeo was a jackass.  The unspoken consensus we came to is that we weren't going to convince each other of our positions and that we weren't having much fun trying to do it in the first place.  Then we talked about Infinity because the whole reason we into these dang hobbies in the first place is to have fun, play games and hang out with other cool dudes/dudettes!  Not to bicker and argue over the finer points of all the bullshit that surrounds the actual playing of games.

Sadly, a lot of what goes on around the internet is that extra bullshit.  Partly because we're passionate about our hobby and party because when you can't play a game, goofing around on the internet is as close as you can get.

So in the spirit of celebrating the actual fun parts of the hobby, here are some pictures from a previous Infinity day I hosted in my man-cave about a month ago. I had fun, played games and hung out with some cool dudes.

Our battlefield for the day.
MudMonster ponders his next move.  He plays Combined Army so it was
likely to be something one of us hated.  A lot.  
VanMETAL! checks stats on one of his Aleph dudes as he re-jiggers an army list to replace
the guided missile launcher he forgot to take spotters for.
GuitarProf has a seat at the hobby bench to base some models.  He's smiling now, but soon he will
learn exactly what high WIP enemy hackers mean for his Nomad missile launcher shenanigans.
Models!  And a hobby desk that has seen too little use since I rediscovered Guild Wars 2.
Proxy city!  No idea what those camo markers are.  But that's kinda the whole point of them.
It was a fun day and we each got to play 2 games of Infinity.  Best Sunday morning I've had in a while.

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