Code of Conduct

· Member sites must pertain to the tabletop wargaming hobby in some capacity, but specific gaming systems are irrelevant.

· Blog content is the responsibility and property of its respective owner. We do not intend to discontinue membership of our affiliates except in extreme circumstances. Bloggers who post articles promoting hate speech, discriminatory remarks, or advocating greater human rights violations will have their membership revoked and should generally feel bad about their pitiful existence. This blanket disclaimer is intended to include any disparaging remarks based on race, sexual orientation, gender, and the like. Decisions regarding offensive material lie solely in the hands of the owners of House of Paincakes.  Don't make us ban you.

-If you somehow manage to be a big enough douche to be banned but feel this is in error, e-mail us at to receive a detailed explanation of why you are an idiot.  Although unlikely, massive groveling may result in your membership being renewed.

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