The Vision

In a world where blog networks are bound by the rigorous strictures of Victorian morality, we feel that a new voice must be heard- your voice. There are already enough "familiy" oriented blog networks- whatever that means- promoting wargaming. House of Paincakes is here for the rest of us, or for all of us, at any rate for those that want gaming content without feeling the need to tow the line and self-edit. As much as we'd like to believe that this network is for everyone, do note that you're likely to see some things you might not feel are appropriate for all age groups in this network. If you are offended by words like fuck or titmouse, you might just want to walk away before it's too late.

Are the kids gone yet? Good, let's continue. Where does that leave us? In the past you may have tried to join other networks only to be turned down for one arbitrary reason or another. Hell, maybe you saw denial of membership as a forgone conclusion and didn't even bother applying. Dejected, you walked away from the situation without the ability to get the exposure you deserve. Well, it's time to expose yourself all over the Internet (but do us all a favor and save some of that for chatroulette). Throw your Victorian sensibilities to the wind. Get out there and show some ankle! It's time for you to reach a wider audience.

Even though this network is for everyone, we feel very confident that it is going to attract some of the top gaming talent, regardless of imaginary faction lines. Check your bullshit e-drama at the door and help us build a real community. We're looking forward to becoming a one stop shop for quality information about the games we love to play. To help you out we will be highlighting articles on and off the network that we feel are particularly helpful, insightful, or well written. We're looking forward to growing this network and helping you reach a wider audience. Enjoy the ride!

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