Community Announcement: 2nd Annual Headshots from the Heart Charity Drive

Hey folks, Lauby here to offer a friendly helping hand to the fine human beings over at Wargaming Tradecraft.  Dave G is back for another 24 hours of Borderlands (2)... for charity!  The team is, again, doing this for Child's Play - which is just a fantastic organization.  I don't normally editorialize when someone is asking you to give them money, but I can't help it this time.

Sadly, there are no custom painted miniatures this time around, so the link with table top gaming is a bit tenuous.  But Dave is in our network and helping our members is what we do.  There are, however, a number of items that will be up for grabs via auctions just as last year.  The loot table is pretty cool so far and Dave has even managed to expand participation with an attached LAN party for those luck ducks who live in Canada.

Last year, Dave raised about $2,700 with his efforts and if you're the kind of caring person who wants to help sick kids, you can go here for details on how to help Dave set a new record.  As with last year, 100% of the proceeds to to Child's Play.  So none of that Kony 2012 bullshit here.

I encourage you to at least check this out.  I managed to watch a bit of the stream from last year and it was a bunch of fun.

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